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Select Basketball Team

Our Select Basketball program at House of Hustle isn't just for anyone; it's for the dedicated athletes who hunger for more than just the game. We're in search of players who are not only passionate about improving their basketball IQ but are also unwavering in their commitment to showing up for every practice and specialized training session. At House of Hustle, we're building more than just skills; we're fostering a community of players dedicated to their own growth and the success of the team. Join us, and together, we'll reach new heights on the court through knowledge, commitment, and sheer determination.


8th Grade Girls

(High level 7th welcomed.)

Tuesday, 4/13/2024 9:00am - 10:00am

8th Grade Boys

(High level 7th welcomed.)

Sunday, 4/13/2024 12:30pm - 1:30pm

9th Grade Boys

(High level 7th welcomed.)

Saturday, 4/13/2024 1:30pm - 2:30pm


Coach D

Head Coach (6th Grade Boys)

Head Coach (9th Grade Girls)

Coach T

Head Coach (8th Grade Boys)

Assistant Coach (8th Grade Boys)

Assistant Coach (8th Grade Girls)

Head Coach (8th Grade Boys Practice Team)

Coach Gio

Head Coach (8th Grade Boys)

Coach Kalli

Head Coach (8th Grade Girls)

Coach Kevion

Head Coach (9th Grade Boys)

6th Grade Boys

6th Grade Boys Team

8th Grade Girls

8th Grade Girls Team

9th Grade Boys

9th Grade Boys Team
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