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A Successful First Season: The NXT GEN HOOPS League kicked off with a fantastic first season, showcasing young talent and fostering a passion for basketball.

Upcoming Season Update: We are eager to launch our next season but currently face a challenge with lower-than-expected registrations. We will be unable to hold our February Season.

How You Can Help:

  1. Preregister Now: Secure your child's spot for the upcoming season by preregistering. It's a great way to show your interest and support.

  2. Jersey Pre-Order: Take the opportunity to pre-order the official league jersey for your young athlete.

  3. Spread the Word: Help us reach more families! Share information about our league with friends and community members who might be interested in joining.


Why NXT GEN HOOPS? We're more than just a basketball league; we're a community dedicated to nurturing young athletes, teaching valuable skills, and building lasting friendships.

Join us in making the next season of NXT GEN HOOPS League a success. Your support is crucial in bringing this wonderful opportunity to more young athletes!

Thank You for Your Support!

Coach D & Gina

House of Hustle

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2023 Winter Champions

Nxt Gen Hoops Team 1

2nd Place

Nxt Gen Hoops Team 2


Thank you to everyone who participated in the inaugural NXT Gen Hoops Basketball League at House of Hustle this winter season. We deeply appreciate the support and had a fantastic time hosting this season's events. Check out some snapshots of our dedicated athletes in action. Looking ahead, we're excited about another outstanding season to come!

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