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House of Hustle was created while sitting around the dinner table as a family of seven in the home of Dominic and Gina Peralta. After several hours of sharing ideas, the name House of Hustle was ultimately the name that everyone was passionate about. So why the name, House of Hustle? We wanted to create a place that was not just a training facility that would train beginner to high level athletes, but more importantly was a place that athletes, as well as their families, would think of as a home away from home, with a family atmosphere. The type of place that you are greeted by your name no matter how many people attend the facility.


We started training outside, behind middle schools. Early on, the training sessions comprised of our own children and their friends. As more people started attending, we eventually started to rent a court at a church in the neighboring city. During this time, we became a Blue Zones certified participating organization, which promotes healthier living, conducted community events to spread awareness of our services and give back to the community. After several months of renting, we eventually found a place to call home in Fort Worth, TX. We put up our own finances to get everything we needed to get started. It was such a scary thing to do considering that we did not have enough athletes attending for it to make sense at the time. Little did we know that we would have the opportunity to train some amazing athletes over the next several years at this location. We have had the privilege of training athletes that have went on to play all levels of college volleyball and basketball. We have even had some semi-pro athletes come to House of Hustle to workout as well. 

Throughout the years we were always looking for a larger facility to expand. Finally, last year, two additional units became available for rent next to our location. Our family and friends helped us tear down partition walls, remove offices, remove restrooms, hang A/C units, install new electrical and new lighting, install sheetrock, texture, as well as paint. It was truly a marvelous display of what House of Hustle is all about. Once again, we put in our own finances and with the help of a generous donation from a family member we were able to get the wood floor that would be the main attraction of the facility. Our court has since served as the home for us to run practices for leagues that we administer, 3v3 games, pickup games for adults, team practices for not only our 6 teams that have been created but for other teams as well in our community.


As part of our continued growth, early October 2023, we converted House of Hustle into a nonprofit organization, The Peralta Foundation. In doing so, our goal is to continue to expand the reach of people that we can serve to help further their athletic careers. The decision to pivot organizationally will allow us to help families that were like us, families that struggle financially. With multiple kids that all participated in sports, we often found it extremely difficult to put all the kids in quality training at the same time. Being able to assist families that might be currently struggling financially is of great importance to us, as we have been in their shoes, and all kids deserve to be able to participate in quality training and programming.


In late October 2023, our facility was flooded due to improper drainage behind our building. We had experienced minor flooding in our smaller unit before but were assured that installing a French drain would resolve the issue. Despite these assurances, the French drain could not handle the amount of water that collected behind our building. The drainage problem has since been corrected by rerouting the gutters from the back to the front of the building and installing a curb to control runoff from the adjacent property. Despite our quick efforts to clean up the water, the damage was irreparable.


We launched donation and fundraising campaigns but were unable to secure enough funding to replace our wood floor court. However, we secured a $30,000 loan and donations from friends, family, and athletes to replace our floor with a more affordable option. In May 2024, our board members, friends, and family helped tear out the old floor and prepare for the new one. It was a challenging task but demonstrated our dedication to supporting our community.


Thank you deeply for wanting to learn more about our story.


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