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Vertimax Program

Our VertiMax training is a specialized workout system designed to enhance athletic performance, focusing on speed, power, and vertical jump ability. We offer two types of sessions: a 30-minute all-around sports performance session that targets a variety of athletic performance aspects for a comprehensive workout, and a 45-minute sport-specific session tailored to the needs of your particular sport. Utilizing both the Vertimax platform and Raptor, along with other equipment such as weighted balls, med balls, jump ropes, and additional core exercises, we aim to maximize your training results.


30 Minute Session: $35.00


45 Minute Session: $50.00

We now offer a convenient monthly payment plan exclusively for our Vertimax SST 45-minute sessions, based on a set schedule. With this plan, your membership is processed automatically each month, allowing athletes to drop into sessions twice a week, every week. This option is more cost-effective than booking individual sessions.

Vertimax Volleyball Club Membership

What VVCM is? Vertimax Volleyball Club Membership is designed to provide discounts toward House of Hustle Vertimax services for volleyball club members.
Services Discounted (Discount based on tier level):
  • Vertimax Training
  • Vertimax Sports Specific Training Program -Volleyball
  • Vertimax Camps & Clinics
Is your Volleyball Club part of our VVCM, which grants access to a discount? Are you interested in joining our Vertimax Volleyball Club Members?
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