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Intermediate Program

In our Intermediate sessions, we help athletes build on their foundational skills and introduce advanced techniques. This engaging program focuses on enhancing dribbling, shooting, and game strategy. Athletes experience teamwork and game-like scenarios. Throughout the weekly sessions, we incorporate the Dr. Dish shooting system and Vertimax training to improve performance and build physicality.


Middle School

1 Hour Session: $35.00

We now offer a convenient monthly payment plan for our members. With this plan, your membership is processed automatically each month. Athletes can drop into sessions twice a week, every week. This option is more cost-effective than booking individual sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child is in middle school, has never played basketball and is interested in learning.

  • Your athlete would book our Intermediate Prep Basketball session.

My child is in middle school, has played just in recreational environments.

  • Your athlete would book our Intermediate Basketball session.

What is the difference between Intermedate Prep and Intermediate?

  • Intermediate Prep is designed for beginner athletes who are either new to basketball or need to develop basic shooting and dribbling skills. The Intermediate class, on the other hand, is faster-paced and does not focus on basic dribbling skills and shooting form.

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